Fairyfloss crepe is a delicious combination of soft, spongy and moist crepe with candy flavoured flosses. Strands of silky soft, thin as thread and colours resembles unicorn hair flosses are wrapped in the crepe, then rolled up like a spring roll to consume. This unique and addictive delicacy is a die die must-try snack for all.

Handcrafted happiness, a delectable sweet treat

You have never probably discovered a snack like that - perfect as an all-time snack and you even get to create your own Fairyfloss Crepe and eat it your way!

Every kids' favourite

Candyfloss! Kids and teenagers would prefer to have it "raw" without the crepes whilst the less sweet-tooth lovers would pair it with the crepes to offset the sugar level, it works fantastic on both ways.

It is 100% hand-made with love, discover Fairyfloss and share this amazing snack experience with your loved ones and friends. The amazingly savory sweet taste of this snack will leave you stunned and make you fall in love with the smooth and mouth-melting flavor of the floss.


Fairyfloss products uses all original ingredients from Thailand with a famous old recipe since a few decades. In order to suit the local tastebuds in Singapore, the sugar flosses has been reduced to cater to the heath conscious consumers in Singapore.

But this unique Fairyfloss experience doesn't stop here:

Other than pandan sesame crepe, we have other flavoured crepe and new creations coming up all the time. All these will be made upon catering to parties, events or festive seasons.

"Come for the colours and stay for the taste"

Fairyfloss promises an authentic and promising taste, the best or nothing.


The Fairyfloss Crepe Story (To be released soon)

The Legendary Fairyfloss Crepe

A Tradition since 1963