Fairyfloss CYC Set (Choose your colour)

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Introducing Fairyfloss CYC (Choose your colour) set, you are now able to choose from the variants of colour/flavour for your own preference. Each variant includes 5 crepes and 40-50 grams of your choice Fairyfloss. Please see below for packaging types, if you only get 1 variant, you will get a tub of Fairyfloss packaging, if you get 2 variants, you will get a container Fairyfloss packaging.

Kindly note our packaging types:

(1 variant = 1 Fairyfloss Tub packaging) 

(2 variants = 1 Fairyfloss Container packaging)

(3 variants = 1 Fairyfloss Tub and 1 Fairyfloss Container packaging)